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  • 5 million users 

  • Over 2 billion average daily trading volume

  • Tiered Trading Fee structure : 0,01 - 0,2%

  • Largest in Asia

  • 12+ million users worldwide

  • 2+ billion average  daily trading volume

  • Trading fees: 0,02 - 0,1 %  

  • 1.4 Million Transactions per Second

  • Largest in the World

  • 10 million users 

  • 200-300 million average daily trading  volume

  • Pre-trade basis Fees: 0,00 - 0,26 %

  • Largest in Europe


With a native token, Binance is one of the top places to by Bitcoin in Spain. The exchange covers one of the largest Bitcoin userbase in the world including Spain and Europe. Initially established in China the company moved towards global dominance due to a ban in China in 2017. The founder of the exchange Changpeng Zhao successfully made the exchange popular crypto marketplace in just 3 years. 

The native BNB token is also a popular coin since users get rewards and discounts. The BNB token was launched in an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) with 144 million total supplies. Users can avail up to 25% discount for availing the currency in their wallet.

  • Very popular exchange in Spain

  • Spanish Bitcoin users can utilize the higher trading volume and limit


  • The 0.1% trading fee is lower than other competitors

  • Holding BNB in the Binance ecosystem gives rewards and discounts


  • Faster exchange for high-speed trading


  • A good alternative for the Spain-based exchanges


  • Fulfill all the needs from payment methods to security for the growing Spanish Bitcoin community


  • 200+ crypto, major fiats, credit and debit cards all the services available

  • History of scams in the past

  • Spanish authority is very cautious about Bitcoin legislation

  • Spain has some other popular exchanges 

Huobi is a great way to buy Bitcoin in Spain. It has been one of the largest crypto platforms in the world for years with simple user interfaces and strong security measures. The exchange was founded by an Oracle engineer Leon Li. Along with other former Oracle engineers, Li developed a world-class exchange for global crypto users. Top angel investment group like Sequoia Capital has been a part of the exchange. During the peak time, Huobi reported $247 billion turnovers with 50% market capitalization. 

Like Binance, Huobi shifted its focus from China to the entire world by shifting its headquarters in Singapore. Currently, Huobi Global offers its services to the Spanish community with a native HT coin for trading discounts and rewards. 

  • Huobi Global serves the Spanish crypto community

  • 2FA for better security 

  • Easy account opening process

  • Spanish language supported in the website

  • Great customer support

  • Margin trading for Spanish users

  • Major Payment methods accepted- Cards, Bank Transfer, Swift, etc

  • Multi-domain can be confusing

  • Few fiats accepted for credit card

  • Lower trading limits

Lower transaction fees and one of the best security protocols made Kraken one of the best alternatives for Bitcoin in Spain. The exchange was founded in 2011 and still serving the customers without any security breach in 2020. Kraken founder Jesse Powell wanted to establish a U.S based secured crypto exchange in the world. But he also made it one of the favorite places to trade Bitcoin for the Europeans. Kraken provides the best Euro liquidity and volume in the market. With such popularity, Kraken is in the list for the Spanish crypto users for years.

  • Best place to buy crypto in Europe 

  • Lower trading fee 

  • Swift and SEPA available for the Spanish crypto buyers

  • App trading can offer up to 50x leverage

  • Future trading available for the Spanish users

  • Cold wallets are one of the safest in the market

  • Anonymous order can be placed

  • Easy to trade for beginner users 

  • No Native token for additional rewards 

  • Multiple verification levels offering differing deposit limits

  • Slower customer services comparing to the peers

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What is Bitcoin?

Unlike the paper-backed currency Bitcoin (₿) is a digital currency with a vision to replace traditional currencies. It is also called a digital asset since it has no physical existence. Satoshi Nakamoto is the pioneer of the currency. He published a whitepaper for a digital currency with cryptography technologies. Soon the tech-lovers adopted the idea and started implementing different variations of Bitcoin. Ultimately, Bitcoin became a father of a digital economy available now in the market. 

Here we've come up with a few facts about Bitcoin

- Bitcoin is the most valuable digital asset in the world
- It doesn’t need any centralized authority


- The supply of the currency is limited 
- Traders can perform anonymous transactions
- Fiat can be used to trade Bitcoin
- Blockchain works as a public list for Bitcoin


- Bitcoin is great for peer-to-peer trading

To learn more about crypto check What is Bitcoin?, Top Places to buy Bitcoin or Buy Bitcoin.

Convectional Money Transactions

Conventional fiat is the currency of the government working as a legal tender. It needs a central bank, few commercial banks, and financial institutions to keep the currency rolling inside the economy. Governments print paper-backed fiats to keep the supply of the fiat in check. However, supplying excess currency can create hyperinflation creating financial turmoil inside the economy.    

Bitcoin Transactions

Bitcoin's transition is unique to its predecessors. It uses a shared public ledger to verify each transaction happening inside the ecosystem. The ledger is called Blockchain and miners are responsible for verifying the transactions. With this process, Bitcoin supplies more currency in the market. Such a modern approach of including technology to the currency transactions makes Bitcoin the safest, cheapest, and fastest currency in the world.


Cryptocurrency Risks

High Volatility

Bitcoin can be one of the most volatile assets in the portfolio of an investor. From politics to regulations different factors makes it volatile in nature. Moreover, the news of the scammers and hackers stealing Bitcoin quickly spread in the news. The Bitcoin market showed more ups and downs in recent years than the stock and bond markets. So understanding the risk of volatility can be life-saving for the short-term crypto traders.

Lots of Scammers

Since Bitcoin uses technology many hackers get quick access to the investor accounts and steal everything in no time. Each year we hear news of Bitcoin Ponzi schemes, celebrity account hacks for scamming, and simple mail scamming in the media. But if used properly Bitcoin can be one of the safest alternatives to the fiat currencies.

Skyrocket Transaction Fees

The open trading market might help smaller exchanges to offer skyrocket transaction fees. Many newbie traders take the baits like double Bitcoin schemes or rewards and pay double price for each transaction. Once the exchanges get exposed they stop their operation and take the profit quickly.

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